JDBSearch – find an expression anywhere in a database


JDBSearch is an open source tool that lets you search for an expression anywhere in a database. The tool is easy and quick thinks to the use of multi-threading.

It can be very useful for software developers and database users by helping them avoid the loss of time caused mainly by the lack of documentation and the size of some databases.

JDBSearch allows to refine the search by letting the user choose from the following options, helping to filter the obtained results:
• Control the number of parallel searches (multi-threading);
• Enabling or disabling case sensitivity;
• Ability to search for whole expressions or expressions included in others (LIKE %%);
• Remove unwanted spaces added by DBMS.

The tool is actually limited to MySQL, Oracle and POSTGRES DBMSs, but we will add other databases in the future and we invite everyone to contribute in this project.

Project, source code as well as binaries are available on github: