Array Example in Java 8

Declaring and instantiating an array

// declaration and instanciation
String [] oneDimentionArray = new String[10];
String [][] multiDimentionArray = new String[10][];
String [][] multiDimentionArray2 = new String[10][20];

Note that you can also put the square brackets after the variable name :

// Brackets after the variable name
String oneDimentionArray[] = new String[10];


Affecting values to an array (Initialisation)

// One dimension array
oneDimentionArray[0]="Value 1";
oneDimentionArray[2]="Value 2";

// two dimension array
multiDimentionArray[0][1] = "An other value";

Trying to access oneDimentionArray[1] will throw the ArrayOutOfBoundsException as it was not set.

Declaring and initialization

When creating arrays of Objects (and not primitives) , you can use curly brackets to initialize you array with the values this way :

String [] array = new String [] {"A", "B", "C"};


Iterating trough arrays

To read array values you can read a specific index :

System.out.println("Cell 0 value : "+myTable[0]);

You can also iterate through the array using the old for loop:

for(int i = 0 ; i < myTable.lenght ; i++){

Or the new enhanced for loop :

// we suppose that myArray is an array of Strings
for(String value: myArray){

Please note that you can find other ways of iterating through arrays.